7 Ways to Enjoy Atlantis Water Park Tour

Diving into the cool water pools to beat the heat and engage kids in fun activities is everyone’s wish. This desire becomes a top priority especially for the families. Kids don’t like to spend the day in urban facilities such as zoos, parks and shopping malls. They need some entertainment especially in the water pools. The unveils the smart Atlantis Water Park deals for this purpose. Atlantis Water Park is one of the most popular and busiest entertainment places in UAE. This water park attracts thousands of visitors every day. We have some interesting points for families who love to get most of this fun.

Buy Seasonal Passes:

Are you planning to visit Water Park regularly? It would be great to buy the season passes or tickets. The Atlantis Water Park presents one day as well as Annual passes for the tourists. These passes contain different entertainment features. The prices of these passes vary. For example, the adults need to pay AED 990 while the passes for kids cost around AED 495 per annum. Having a pass enables the visitors get these entertaining services any time they want.

Consider Slides And Other Facilities:

Mostly, people use the slides at Water Parks while ignoring all other facilities. This would be a huge mistake especially when you have the Atlantis Water Park deals.These deals include numerous facilities such as dining, aquarium, surfing and more. Try to visit all these sections with kids to let them explore the water world.

Play GamesW

It is not necessary to become a fish in Water Park. There is life outside the water. You need to explore other activities such as playing beach volleyball with family and friends. On the other hand, let your kids engage in educational programs at the Atlantis water park. There are specialized marine biologists who teach the kids about various marine organisms in the aquarium.

Keep your Essentials:

No doubt, Atlantis Water Park offers all the facilities but it would be great if you pack the essentials from home. This would save money. For example, you will need sun block, bathing suit, fresh drinking water and bath towel. These are some basic products everyone should pack from home.

Leave Nonessentials At Home:

Remember, water parks have their own rules when it comes to personal belongings. For example, it is not wise to wear expensive jewelry while enjoying the water fun. You can get a locker to keep the expensive items such as jewelry, tablets and more.

Safety First:

Consider the safety guidelines whenever you visit the water parks. The Atlantis water park presents the highest safety standards. It always ensures that everyone remains safe while enjoying the entertainment facilities at the park

Dress Appropriately:

Swimsuits, beach shorts, and bikinis are best for the water parks. However, it would be best to wear lined swimsuits. Consider the smart Atlantis Water Park deals whenever you visit this water park with friends, family and kids. Everyone needs to have appropriate dressing to avoid any embarrassment.

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