A brief guide to travel within budget to Phuket

Whenever you book a flight, you look out for the best deals. Thailand has got one of the most futuristic airports in the world at Phuket. On visiting the reputed ticket booking sites, you can book the tickets now. In general, you can avail air tickets to Phuket, when you purchase them at least four weeks in advance. The airport in Phuket has got a wide range of amenities for travelers. In this post, you will come across a comprehensive guide to book good flights to Phuket.

  • In case you travel to Phuket in March, you would find the tickets at the best price.
  • Months between September to November form the peak season. Prices of air tickets soar during this time. If you plan to visit Thailand in this season, make sure to purchase the tickets a few months in advance.
  • If you plan to book the tickets now from the reputed sites, simply enter the desired airport for departure, along with your travel dates. Intelligent flight search engines would find the best deals for the travelers.
  • Phuket is an international airport, and you can reach the city from anywhere in the world. While some flights connect cities directly to Phuket, others land in certain airports on the way. In case you do not budget constraints, you may opt for a flight without any stop-over.

It would be wise to buy air tickets from reputed travel sites to get the best deals.

Facilities at Phuket airport

  • Storing luggage

Some travelers opt for the luggage storage services at the airport at Phuket. After you land in Phuket, you may decide to store all or some of your luggage. Particularly, if you are in the city for a day for two, and wish to explore it, you might not want to carry the baggage. The luggage storage facilities are available close to the police counter, near the international terminal. Travelers need to shell out 100 TBH a day to store one bag.

  • Relaxation

Passengers often need a relaxation time after flights. You can find these facilities in the Coral Premium Departure Lounge and Coral Executive Lounge in the airport. The Executive Lounge is available for all the travelers with a prepaid pass. In case you need a shower, you can get it for a free at the airport. You can book the tickets now to reserve a flight on the desired day to Phuket.

  • Shopping

The Phuket City Airport has got some duty-free shops, from where you can purchase liquor or other stuff. You may want to shop something, or get some souvenirs. Besides, the airport has got as many as four convenience stores. At times, passengers need cash on arrival to Phuket. ATMs are available at the airport, both in the departure and arrival halls. Depending on your bank, you may have to shell out an extra charge.

In case you have a holiday or business trip in mind, book the tickets now to Phuket. You can avail tickets at reasonable rates from the reputed travel booking sites.

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