Beijing Dorm Accommodation For Exchange Students at BLCU

While preparing to visit Beijing, whether for student exchange or travelling purposes, it’s wise to take a look over the different sorts of accommodation available. This information will focus more about the dorm accommodation available at Beijing Language and Culture College (BLCU) for college students, but vacationers planning in which to stay the college area in Beijing may should also consider BLCU dorms like a cheap type of accommodation.

TJ and that i did a fast check that BLCU dorm structures were good, or at best were decent, in which to stay. It did not take lengthy for all of us to sort out that Dorm 17 is easily the most popular and many hard to book, our BLCU classmates remained at Dorm 17 only while he booked and compensated for this the semester before. [Note: The price of accommodation in every dorm varies]

The particular procedure for booking the dorm room involve:

Calling up BLCU accommodation department

Explaining it to staff (mostly in Mandarin, although a number of them know a little bit of British)

Creating a payment (30 days)

Showing them your evidence of payment when you are getting there

Used to do it the simpler way just by rocking up and requesting an area. It appeared in my experience the BLCU dorm accommodation is much more just like a “first come first serve” basis because they’ll always say they are “fully booked” but in some way magically look for a room if needed.

Fundamental essentials pros of Dorm 17 from my experience. Please remember that Irrrve never really remained in dorm building 17.

It’s newer (clean)

The fuyuans are better

It’s “off campus”

The rooms are bigger (even though this is questionable)

Nearer to Wudaokou and stop

Private gate keepers (students not remaining there should register and sign out)

Buzzing with worldwide students

The down-side of Dorm 17 is it is the dorm furtherest from Building 1 (BLCU primary study building), what this means is getting out of bed extra early every morning to get at class or perhaps purchasing a bike (highly suggested). I additionally question the rumour that Dorm 17 has bigger rooms since i discovered some super-huge college dorms in dorm building 4 (I snuck peeks while walking past open doorways).

TJ and that i were tossing up between Dorm 4 (old worldwide student dorm) and Dorm 6 (close to the basketball courts). TJ showed up at BLCU before me coupled with moved in Dorm 4, then when I acquired there’ examined certainly one of Dorm 4’s rooms, after which made the decision to look at among the rooms in Dorm 6 too. The main downside was that Dorm 6 did not have elevators.

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