Explore the hidden facts of Hiroshima on a vacation

Hiroshima is one of the beautiful and most visited cities in Japan. It attracts millions of tourists all around the year.  If you want to see beautiful nature and world Heritage sites, this is your place. There are plenty things to do on your vacation. Their local and traditional delicious food can melt your heart. You can hire local guide to experience and explore their culture and history. This is a unique combination of beauty, nature and adventure. Hiroshima tours can provide you the experience of your life.   

Best things to do in Hiroshima

Rabbit island and taste sake – have you heard about Rabbit Island? Okunojima is situated in Seto Island Sea in Hiroshima, where you meet with 100s of rabbits. This is a very unique place of this city. It easily attracts tourists’ especially young kids. With this unique experience, you can taste delicious sake from famous sake town in Saijo.

World Heritage sites – if you want explore Japanese history; this is the highlight of the city. This is a walking tour place where you can spend your half day to know the city in depth. By walking sites, you can explore many beautiful site scenes, and can enjoy authentic, traditional dining experience at local restaurant.

Watch Baseball – if you are a sports lover, then you might not want to miss a match. Hiroshima is known for their passion and enthusiasm for baseball. People are crazy for baseball match and you can see the rush during the match. The crowd in the stadium the cheers are enough to tell about the craze of this game. 

Tea ceremony and sushi making – Dress in Kimono and take part in traditional tea ceremony. This is the best experience of this tour. After that you can try their local food, cook their traditional food while travelling in Hiroshima. They provide professional classes of Sushi making. 

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