How to apply for the evus visa enrollment?

Are you interested in traveling to the United States? Then a person in China should opt for an electronic visa update system. It is an online system for applying applications for the departure. The evus visa is valid for two years. A person should apply for application before seventy-two hours of traveling to the United States. It also checks the eligibility of the person to go to the United States.

 The validity of the enrollment comes to an end when the passport of the person expires. Any changes in the passport may also lead to nullifying of the enrollment of the evus visa. In that case, the person has to renew enrollment in the United States. To obtain a valid evus visa, the person should have a valid passport. There are many processes of applying for the enrollment application. The person should choose the right method. The person who is holding B1 and B2 visa can together apply for the evus visa.

The eligible candidates for applying for the evus visa

The citizens of the country China can apply for the electronic visa update system. The citizens should be holding a valid B1 or B2 visa for applying for an evus visa. They should also have a valid passport. Other than the citizens of China, the people having a B1 or B2 visa can apply. The person should be interested in traveling; to the United States. There is no restriction on the age factor in this application. The person must obtain an evus visa while traveling to the United States.

The registration of the electronic visa update system

As we know, the evus registration is mandatory for the person traveling to the United States. The person should be possessing a valid passport and B1 or B2 visa for applying for certification. The eligibility of the person is also checked for traveling to the United States. The citizens can travel for tourism, medical facilities, or educational seminars. The applicant should apply before seventy-two hours of the departure from the country. The period of validity will be two years. After completion of two years, the evus visa will automatically expire. The person is required to renew the visa. Before the expiration of the application, the person should again enroll for the electronic visa update system. The same process will be followed in the application.

The evus can also be expired in the United States. There are several reasons for it. Like, the change of gender of the person or obtaining a new visa will result in invalidation of the enrollment. The person is required to update or renew the permit for further stay in the United States, but it does not create a problem for the person. The evus visa should be valid on arrival of the person to the United States. The travelers have to keep a regular check on the validity of the evus visa. Traveling with a valid passport also requires enrollment of the evus to the United States.

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