How to Plan The Greatest Outdoor Valentine’s Day Date

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day of roses, chocolates, and a romantic dinner, all taking place at a decadent restaurant booked well in advance. For others, however, especially those who find the most beauty in nature and fulfillment that comes from being outdoors, celebrations of a relationship are best spent in a wild environment, under the stars or by the sea.

If your partner is such a person, then you might want to plan for them the greatest outdoor Valentine’s Day date. There are a number of ways in which you can make the day special too. Thrills, for example, could be found when climbing to new heights, or solitude could be revelled in when exploring a peaceful trail or dining beneath the stars. But nature alone won’t make the day entirely special. You will need to make certain considerations and lay the groundwork for your partner to ensure it is a date they won’t forget.


Think about an environment that could be a romantic setting, one that is meaningful to your relationship, or a place that is both. Those by the coast are fortunate to have access to beachside landscapes and cliff top views, both of which can make for blissful settings. Others may have to look inland, toward secluded forests or stunning mountains, both of which can be suitable, depending on your intended activity.

Before you set about choosing a time of day or an activity to share, keep an eye on the weather. Since a plan can so easily be ruined by the day’s climate, it’s a good idea to have a backup location in mind, just in case.

Keep in mind, also, that Valentine’s Day is a particularly busy time for many locations. Consider how many others will be trying to enjoy the same chosen location because a romantic meal at your favourite spot might end up being somewhat crowded.


When it comes to an outdoor date, there are few rules. Surfing might not seem like a typical romantic activity but for the outdoorsy type, it can be perfect. There are a number of ways that even a casual hike can be suitable for a Valentine’s Day activity, especially if there’s a cosy cabin or quiet spot at the end of the trail.

Look into what organisations offer on the special day. A number will, for example, have offers for a Valentine’s special, such as romantic boat rides for two or even a screening of your favourite movie in a classic outdoor cinema.

Some will also be able to extend their outdoor enjoyment through the night too, choosing to remain in nature until the sun rises. In such a scenario, it is very important that you plan well ahead, not only taking into account the potential weather conditions but also the necessary comforts required. Camping, for example, might seem like a romantic idea but, without the essential tools and equipment, you may end up regretting the stay!

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