Must-See Places in Tohoku

Falling in Honshu Island in Japan, Tohoku is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan. The place is known for its hot springs, mountains, lakes countryside, rough winters, and high rice quality. The beauty found in the north of Tokyo comprises six prefectures, namely, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Fukushima, Yamagata, and Miyagi. Visiting Tohoku will give you the ultimate experience of Japan’s hot spring waters along with the serenity of the ancient castles and mountain temples. This place is sure to give you a once in a lifetime experience.

Places you can’t Miss

Experiencing the Onsen in the snow between Akita and Aomori mountains will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bathing in the hot spring with snow falling around is just unimaginable. Secondly, the famous Hirosaki Castle, known for its cherry blossom, is worth visiting during the spring. The sight of the 2,600 cheery blossom trees blooming around is mesmerizing. Your japan tohoku tours are incomplete if you don’t see this. The Risshaku-Ji (or Yama-dera) Mountain Temple or the Yama-dera mountain temple is incredibly scenic. It will give you a fantastic view of the valley from the Godaigo Hall. Lastly, to get Tohoku’s real feel, wear a kimono and take a walk down a samurai village there.

The Ultimate of Tohoku Japan is mesmerizing. Every place in Japan has something unique or the other. However, your japantohoku tours will be incomplete if you finish your tour without seeing the Temple of 500 Disciples in Morioka. Morioka is the capital city of the Iwate Prefecture the Temple of 500 Disciples is a collection of wooden statues that are arranged in various grimaces and poses. However, if you count these statues, you will find that there are just 499 of them. To experience the ultimate heritage of Tohoku, visiting the place is a must.

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