Tips for Beginners to Enjoy Jet Ski Adventure in Tenerife

Tenerife remains one of the most popular vacation locations in the world because of the variety of holiday packages and low-cost travel options. This is a popular location for beach lovers who want to soak up the sun in a tropical paradise, and nature lovers who love exploring nature’s secrets. It is known for its magnificent beaches, sunny weather, and unique sceneries.

The beautiful beaches of Tenerife, which offer hours of sunbathing and swimming in the pure blue waters, are one of the main attractions for visitors. However, the island is also ideal for those who enjoy water sports, such as kite surfing, surfing, Jet Ski, and a variety of others. Numerous locations throughout the island are perfect for water sports activities, including those that are more popular with tourists and those that are calmer, where locals prefer to enjoy. Those interested in extreme Jet Ski Tenerife experience should pay a visit to El Medano, which has some of the most basic beaches for water sports.

If you’re a first time Jet Ski rider, then you should keep a few things in mind –

Equipment Required

  • Every rider should wear a life jacket.
  • Approved Coast Guard Fire Extinguisher.
  • Air Horn or Whistle on every life jacket.
  • Safety Lanyards and Registration Numbers.
  • If you pull someone, use mirrors.
  • Keep identification in a dry bag with you at all times.
  • A smartphone that can be used for GPS.
  • First aid kit.
  • A bilge pump or Baylor to remove water.
  • Anchor
  • If you’re towing someone, use a skier down the flag and a shock tube to avoid sucking up your tow rope.
  • Solar Charger.

Don’ts during Jet Ski

  • Avoid drinking and riding.
  • Avoid riding after sunset.
  • Don’t start your boat in anything less than waist-high water.
  • Never transport more people than the watercraft’s capacity allows.


  • Get a training or boat safety course before riding a Jet Ski. This will help people to understand the way it should be handled and actions to be taken during emergencies. 
  • Novice or skilled professionals, all should wear a life jacket. Even swimmers sometimes experience cramps and are unable to swim even in shallow water. 
  • Wearing the right gear helps in safe riding. For different boats, there are different gears available so it is imperative to find the right equipment for your Jet Ski. 
  • Carry proper ID proofs like driver’s license, insurance, spare cash, and other important documents. Keep all these things in a dry bag to avoid getting wet. 
  • Safety lanyard that attaches you and watercraft helps in switching off the engine when it is not in use. Ensure that this lanyard is attached to your life jacket so that you can use it at any point in time in the sea. 

Things To Know About Jet Ski

  • Know all buttons and gears properly.
  • Check you have proper gas and all lights are functioning well. 
  • Learn about every control in the watercraft like forward, neutral, reverse, or brakes. 
  • As a beginner, avoid riding in sport mode or great speed. 
  • Read all annual and go through all courses before taking charge. 

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