Madness in Manhattan – The City of Dreams

New York!  Just saying that name out loud brings about a sense of excitement in me. What doesn’t this city have to offer?! I still remember the first time I touched down JFK… When I saw those skyscrapers from the flight itself, I was fully charged up and ready to brave this city whose reputation precedes itself.

USA Visa is  not easy but I managed to procure it after my interview at the US Embassey in Delhi. Before embarking on my holiday in USA,  I made sure that I have travel insurance for USA.  Medical costs are prohibitive in America and it is so important that you keep yourselves covered for all contingencies.  I also picked up a Forex Card for USA so that I do not have to carry US dollar notes and coins.

Settled in and with a good night’s rest, I set out the next day to explore. Getting lost among throngs of people who also seemed to have no agenda, I stumbled across Macy’s on 5th. What can I say about the famous 5th avenue? It’s larger than life Macy’s is enough to suck up your entire day if you’re not watchful of your time. After spending the entire day shopping, I decided to head back home and get ready for the night to come.

Manhattan by night is a sight to see. Lights all over like diamonds and precious stones… It’s mesmerizing. I went to “Times Square” and it was like a madhouse. People everywhere!!! It’s 2am and it doesn’t feel like anyone is about to sleep. The city girl that I am, I absolutely loved it. After a small pub crawl I decided it was time I accept that I am super jet lagged and try and get some sleep… That was all just day 1!

The next few days comprised of me visiting a few famous tourist attractions like the Empire State building, Rockefeller centre, The MOMA, Ground Zero, The Guggenheim, Statue of Liberty, The Met, and Central park to name a few. Since we are talking about tourism, it wouldn’t be fair to not spend just a few more lines on Times Square. That place is awe inspiring. Massive buildings, stores, theatres, hotels & crowds… Just about everything in that place is… well… Massive!!!


How do I even begin to describe the things this city has to offer?! Fashion capital, a food connoisseur’s dream and a nightlife lover’s paradise… the list goes on. There are high end luxury labels for the rich and also the craziest deals for anyone looking for fashionable apparel or accessories on sale. I personally noticed that once I was done with the all too known Macys’, Saks’, Barneys, etc. I walked around and came across many small boutiques with nice things for lesser than a fraction of the price from the high end stores. I bought many dresses and shoes for roughly $10-$50. Soho has a nice vibe to it. Small boutiques with some great things to discover. Once I was back home strutting my finds, I felt like a fashion diva!!!

The restaurants in New York are also plentiful –from the ever so exclusive to off-the-street food trucks. Serendipity, Nobu, Fifty seven and Hakkasan were my high end favourites. I have to make mention of a lovely restaurant called “Pipa” located near Murray Hill which served me a great Spanish cuisine. BoatBasin Cafe also needs a special mention. For the 4am post clubbing hunger pangs, the super delicious chicken and rice plate you get all over the city is a must. It’s $5 for a massive quantity of chicken made in yummy white gravy on a bed of rice. Be careful with the hot sauce though. It almost killed me and I’m Indian!!!

Apparently,  there are quite a few cruising from New York.  You can set on a Cruise from New York on the high seas.  There are cruises from New York to HamburgCruises from New York to Canada as well as Cruises from New York to Southampton in United Kingdom.

There is just so much that I could go on about but words don’t do justice to the experience that is New York. Be it a jog at Central park, a night in Meatpacking, a popular Broadway show, a day of retail therapy on 5th avenue or just an aimless walk all day, this city will always find new ways of pleasantly surprising you!

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