Jewish Tours to Israel – Top 3 places to visit for the Jewish community

Visiting Israel allows you to help connect with your Jewish origins. There are many holy sites in old and New Jerusalem to immerse yourself in the experience of the holy journey. If you have never been to Israel before and don’t know which place you should start from, GS Travel is there to help and guide you. The staff at GS Travel is hardworking, ambitious, and understands every requirement to make your journey pleasant and memorable. So, make memories and forget other hassles.

Even if you are a solo traveler or been traveling to Israel with Kids and family, there is so much to discover in the holy land of Israel.

Western Wall

The wailing or the western wall is the holy of the holiest site for the Jewish people. It is the remaining of the temple being destroyed by Romans and where Jewish people have been offering their prayers since then. It is the place where once the Gate to Haven stood. The site is completely free for visitors and opens throughout the year.


The Masada is known for a story of bravery and martyrdom. In the year 73 BCE when Romans siege the Masada, the 960 rebels decided to commit suicide rather than being caught by the Roman army alive. The remaining of the fortress is well-preserved and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Cave of the Patriarchs

It is the second most sacred place in the Jewish religion. Three prophets – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob along with their wives are buried here in the cave of Machpelah. This site is also known as the Sanctuary of Abraham. This whole site looks like a walled fortress divided into three sections where each section is dedicated to the cenotaphs of a prophet and his wife.


The city of kabbalah, also known as Safed is another holy city for the Jewish community. In this city, you can visit many sacred places like the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar, HarriAskenazi Synagogue, Sephardic Harri, etc.

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