The Magnificent facts about Israel

Israel is mostly known for its diverse culture, amazing hospitality, and the land of holy places for Jewish and Christian communities. It has sacred places for Christians where Jesus was born, raised, walked on the water or holy places for Jews where Abraham offered to sacrifice his son to God, and the holy of the holiest – the Gate to Haven, but behind all of this, there is so much to know and discover Israel. 

Here are some of the magnificent facts about Israel 

  1. Tourism is the major source of income for Israel. In 2017 almost 3.6 million tourists visit the holy land. It has the highest number of holy sites and museums per capita in the world. In 2009, the most visited sites in Israel were the western wall and the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. 
  2. Israel has more Noble Prize winners than any other country. It also has more laureates, than India, Spain, and China. 
  3. Israel has more sushi restaurants per capita after Tokyo and NYC. 
  4. It has designed its banknotes for blind people by having braille markings on these. 
  5. Israel doesn’t have any codified constitution Just like New Zealand and Britain
  6. Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. Hebrew is the language from ancient Biblical times. 
  7. Israel has the Dead Sea – the lowest point on the Earth, at 1,315 feet below the Sea level. The water here is so salty that no one can drown or even swim here. You will keep floating on the water due to its high concentration of salt. 
  8. Israel has designed and manufactured the world’s first flight system to protect against missile attack. 
  9. Israel has developed the first ingestible video camera. It is so small that it can easily fit inside a pill. 
  10. Israel has a diversity of religions. Almost 75% of the population of Israel are Jews, about 18% follows religion Islam, and only 2% are Christian community.

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