Best Beaches In Los Angeles

Have you ever said “nope” to the world and spent hours surfing and stepping on a soft sandy beach with your sunscreen on? An equal experience will be brought to you at Beaches in Los Angeles. With waves kissing your feet on a surfboard you can enjoy birding, swimming as well as napping. So go through this complete guide to catch up the best beaches in Los Angeles and to pick up the tips which make most of each one. 

  • Paradise Cove Beach.

Paradise Cove Beach is a small public/private beach located just below the Malibu Mountains. Although this is under the control of Paradise Cove Beach Café, you can still visit the beach for free if you want to swim and surf. Most tourists visit here in search of renting beach beds, lounges and private terraces. A serene place to relax yourself.

  • Venice Beach.

Step on Venice Beach for one and half miles of silky shore, where you have the chance to look out over the Pacific Ocean while lying on a blanket. You will love the boardwalk along the edge of Venice Beach. Street performers and goods selling vendors as well as weight lifting muscle men are the mostly displayed events on Venice Beach. It is a perfect escape for a relaxation added with enthusiasm.  

  • Carbon Beach.

It has a nickname as “Billionaire’s Beach” because the beautiful houses of celebrities and CEO’s are built on the water’s edge. It is a long beach facing south in front of the charming beachfront homes in East Malibu. Carbon Beach is a gradually sloping beach that is great to kick into the shallow waves with shoes less feet. As this is a rock proof area it’s a great spot for swimming. You can also enjoy jogging and walking over here. Keep in mind that the beach is mostly wet during high tide, so it’s almost a public beach.

  • Sacred Cove and Abalone Cove Shoreline Park.

This is the right spot for those who are logging after natural beauty but not suitable for sunbathing. There are tide pools abundant with starfish, sea anemones and abalone shells. It’s actually a coastal hike on rocky formations leading to eye-catching views of sea, where you can see Catalina Island on clear days. 

  • Santa Monica State Beach.

Santa Monica is one of the most exclusive beaches in the Greater Los Angeles area. Its long white sandy beach is always full of activities, like Roller Coaster rides, small aquarium, historic merry go round, beach bike, beach volleyball and Segways. So if you can’t find something to do there, that’s truly a wonder.  I advise you to avoid May and June which are gloomy days with no sun shine. Santa Monica pier is festive at night but nights are cold.

  • Leo Carrillo State Park.

Leo Carrillo State Park is an ecologically distinctive place, with rock-bottom jumping, Malibu climbing and tidal waters. This is actually a family-friendly and dog-friendly beach but dog zones are limited. It also has a great camping area and several climbing trails to explore in the mountains. But if you don’t reserve your camping sites in advance, they are usually occupied.  It is full of enjoyable activities like surf fishing, windsurfing, swimming and surfing. Rocks, caves and tide pools are visible in low tide periods where you can go on exploring to have fun. 

  • Huntington City Beach.

Huntington city beach is the venue for everything from beach rides and concerts to volleyball tournaments and surf competitions. The 3.5 miles of beach, where the city meets the waves, serves as the antiquity of Downtown. Here you will have access to public restrooms, outdoor showers, wheelchair access and bike rental and camping. Huntington’s eves are full of relaxation in front of bonfires. Even the sea breeze is energetic. This would be an amazing opportunity for your whole family to craft unforgettable memories on a beach.

  • Point Dume State Beach.

Are you after a perfect place for swimming? If so Point Dume State Beach is the right spot. This is a beach which is run by Los Angeles country. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, scuba diving and fishing at Point Dume beach. The coolest fact is cute sea lions also join to swim with you in crystal clear water. Actually there’s something for everyone on this beach. Oh! How wonderful to see the Grey whale migration which will be a lifetime experience during February to April. There are about 34 acres of sand at Point Dume and about a mile in front of the ocean. It is surrounded by rock formations, steep slopes, headlands and large beach access. Visitors can glimpse the Santa Monica Bay and Catalina Island by standing on this Point Dume State beach on a clear day.

  • El Matador State Beach.

This is truly a natural wonder. One of an amazing spot for sunset view in California and for Instagrammers when the beach gets covered with a golden cloak. Come by with your beach towel, chairs and sandwiches to enjoy the day as there’s minimal amenities. It is a stunning beach with lovely rock formations. Great to have a hike down the beach. You will love to see the birds flying around who are nesting on huge rocks. I suggest you visit here during low tide so that you can explore the caves too. Beach’s north section is usually less crowded but still worth visiting. If you can find a free parking spot this beach experience would be more incredible.

  • Laguna Beach.

The main beach located at the center of Laguna Beach is usually packed during the summer season. But basketball and volleyball grounds, beach walks and beach children playgrounds are available for those who don’t care about crowds. Sand is soft through the water. Enjoy the swimming here by defeating the heat. 

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